2021 AMBC Cyclocross Fun Race Series Race 2

Sat, 3rd Jul 2021 - Parrs Park
Entries Close: Thu, 1st Jul 2021 at 6:00pm

Terms & Conditions

1. I/we have read the risk assessment document for this series found on https://aucklandmtb.co.nz/events/
2. I/we have seen the course map and read the list of hazards identified for this course by the organisers found on https://aucklandmtb.co.nz/events/
3. I/we also understand and accept that the nature of cyclocross racing is such that there maybe additional hazards not identified by the organisers or additional hazards could occur during the race
4. I/we undertake to race responsibly considering the conditions on the day and the safety of ourselves and other competitors
5. I/we will not hold the organisers liable for any damage or injury that may occur during the event